Why would I need home care?

Most injuries, surgeries, and even chronic conditions (like severe arthritis), require ongoing physical or occupational therapy to help you get back into your normal routine. Without therapy, you may not heal correctly and chronic pain and stiffness can ensue.

You may need home care physical or occupational services if you:

  • Are unable to drive or get a ride to your appointments
  • Need a brace that limits your mobility
  • Experience pain when you travel
  • Cannot sit up comfortably in a car

Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy proudly offers home care services for a variety of reasons. The team wants to ensure you receive the care you need, without having to worry about coming into the clinic.

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Which type of home care services are available?

The providers at Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy offer many of the same in-office services during home care visits. Depending on your needs, any of the following therapies (among others) are available:

  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Heat or ice therapy
  • Manual manipulation
  • Passive exercises
  • Massage therapy

Your dedicated provider can even help you with assistive equipment. For instance, if a walker would be helpful for you to get around your home, they can help you order a walker and adjust it for you.

What can I expect during a home care visit?

Home care services from Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy are entirely personalized to you and your needs. When your therapist arrives, they sit and have a conversation with you. They assess how you’re feeling and ask about the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your provider may then:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Evaluate your range of motion
  • Provide physical or occupational therapy treatment

One of the many benefits of home care is that your provider gets to evaluate you as you go about your daily activities. If there are any obstacles you face, such as difficulty raising your arm and brushing your teeth, your provider can address the issues and help you make adjustments.

If you’re interested in home care services from Ultra Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy, book an evaluation through the website or call the office directly to speak with a team member.